AAOS Now Interview

Dr. Anz was interviewed regarding his JAAOS article examining the application of biologics for the rotator cuff, meniscus, and cartilage by AAOS Now, the official member newsmagazine of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.


Maureen Leahy asks:

Biologics have been used for some time in medicine. What is their role in orthopaedics?

Dr. Anz:

In my opinion, biologics represent the next frontier in orthopaedics.  During the past 30 years, particularly in sports medicine, the focus has been on the use of the arthroscope, which revolutionized how we performed treatments.  I believe biologics will revolutionize the next 30 years.  

Maureen Leahy: 

Are each of these biologic technologies equally important?

Dr. Anz:

I don’t think any one of them is more important or warrants more study than the others.  PRP, BMA, and stem cells are like arrows in a quiver.  In some instances, PRP will be the right arrow to use; in a different situation, BMA might be more appropriate.  From a regulatory standpoint, PRP and BMA are the arrows we can use right now.  The FDA has made it clear that it is going to take a tough stance on stem cells, no matter what the harvest site-and rightfully so. It will be exciting, however, once we can use them. 

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